Some Unusual Foods to Try At Least Once

Are you bored of eating the same things every single week? Whether it is yet another pasta dish or Mum is serving her roast chicken again, it can get a little boring for your taste buds to experience the same thing over and over again. When the opportunity presents itself you should let your mouth live a little with these unusual foods:

·        Unusual Foods: Laverbread

This dish is a Welsh delicacy. The only food on the list that comes with a protected status that means that the only place to find it is in Wales itself. A dish of cooked seaweed that goes great with eggs, in a casserole or even just with salt sprinkled over the top. Although it is only available in the principality it is now available to buy online, so get trying!

·        Truffles

Maybe the hardest food on the list to obtain due to the cost alone. This expensive treat is a fungus that only grows in certain parts of the world and is obtained by pigs or dogs. While that may be off-putting to some their tune will soon change once they’ve tasted it. If you do get the chance to try truffles they are great shaved over risotto, pasta or eggs.

·        Wagyu Beef

Many have claimed that Wagyu Beef is the finest meat in the world. This Japanese beef comes from a specific type of cow that has a particularly nutrient rich diet that gives the food a distinct taste. Although it comes at an expensive cost Wagyu Beef is now available to buy at numerous UK supermarkets.

·        Dulce de Leche

The only desert to make the list, this South American caramel is the perfect treat. Its thick consistency makes for a great addition to dishes such as mousses, cheesecakes, chocolate and cakes. You can even take a spoon to the jar and eat it by itself! Dulce de Leche is available in most food stores.

·        Insects

Yes, you read that correctly. Many insects such as crickets and grasshoppers are a staple of many people’s diets throughout Asia. They are however a rarity in Western cultures as they can seem a bit unappealing. They are a great snack and while you may not believe it, are really tasty as well.

·        Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread has become quite the craze in recent years. With cafes dedicated to serving this delightful bread. It is full of crust and with a texture that is chewy and a taste that is distinct. It’s easy to make your own or head on down to your local bakery or supermarket and pick up a loaf.

·        Sea Urchin

While you never want to stand on your food you should be extra careful around this one. This sea creature sits on the ocean floor and is covered in spikes. Underneath its hard exterior, however, is a roe that is full of flavour. A delicacy in both Italy and Asia, it goes perfectly with spaghetti.

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