10 Home Technology Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier & Home Smarter

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Home technology gadgets can make life simpler, from remotely lowering blinds to video calling family and friends, as well as providing protection from fires or carbon monoxide leaks in your house.

Purchase a smart speaker or display that connects with your desired voice assistant – recent offerings from Amazon and Google offer incredible sound quality as well as many useful features.

1. Smart Light Bulbs

Lights are an easy place to begin when looking to enhance your home with technology. Smart bulbs allow you to control both color and brightness settings while some offer advanced features like scheduled on/off capability.

Some smart lights also change colors based on your daily activities, for instance switching from blue in the morning to help awaken and red at bedtime. You can upgrade existing lights with smart switches and plugs.

2. Smart Thermostats

Automate your home climate control and take advantage of year-round energy savings with smart thermostats. Choose from features like learning thermostats that learn your routine without needing programming; geofencing to save energy when family members return; and remote sensors for reducing hot or cold spots.

Consider smart thermostats that integrate seamlessly with other home systems, including Amazon Echo or Google Home compatibility, Apple HomeKit support and compatibility with smart humidifiers or air purifiers.

3. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are portable voice-activated devices that connect directly to your personal accounts and control smart home accessories, such as music playback or weather forecast updates. In addition, they can answer questions, set reminders and add items directly to shopping lists.

Many clock radios also include an alarm function and are compatible with multiple users, and can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with other smart home devices.

4. Smart Locks

Home buyers looking for an edge with their entryway should consider installing smart locks as an opportunity to make an impactful statement about themselves and their home. They allow homeowners to easily manage, monitor and integrate these devices with smart-home systems.

Smart lock technology enables homeowners with frequent house guests, such as cleaning or dog walking services, to share digital keys using an app and keep track of who comes and goes from the home. They can also set reminders to ensure they lock the door before leaving home.

5. Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells can help modernize your home. These devices enable you to monitor visitors or deliveries from any distance using your smartphone, giving you peace of mind that their arrival or delivery can be monitored efficiently and promptly.

Video doorbells can also be integrated with home security systems to deter break-ins. Furthermore, they may capture footage that could prove invaluable for law enforcement authorities.

Some models feature two-way audio communication, so that you can easily speak with guests or deliverypersons and ask that they place the package somewhere safe.

6. Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are essential components of any home automation system, activating routines and protecting from damages such as fire, theft or burst pipes. These sensors can be integrated with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa hub-based systems or connected directly via Wi-Fi for control.

Consider purchasing sensors with features such as central monitoring, instant alerts and Web-based access through smartphones for optimal ease of use and maximum flexibility. Furthermore, take note of each sensor’s range of detection.

7. Smart Cameras

Smart cameras provide peace of mind while you are away, whether on vacation or just working late. Check in on your kids, pets and see who is at the door.

Look for a smart camera compatible with your preferred voice assistant – Amazon Alexa leads the pack, while Google Assistant and HomeKit from Apple may also work well.

8. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform any device or appliance into something smart. Working with voice assistants and mobile apps, these smart plugs allow for remote or schedule control of appliances from any location.

Many smart plugs also monitor energy usage and offer reports in an app, making them an effective way of finding energy waste and saving money.

9. Smart Tottle Switch

Smart switches replace traditional wall switches by connecting to the internet and offering remote control via an app, providing control via voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Lutron Caseta provides geofencing, timers and other automations; Leviton Smart Works with Amazon Alexa WiFi allows for simple DIY setup. Please be aware that both devices require neutral wires in your switch box before proceeding.

10. Smart Switches

Smart switches provide direct replacements for traditional built-in switches and enable control of lighting, fans, and hardwired appliances in a home via Wi-Fi networks or voice assistants. Most smart switches connect using this channel; many even integrate with additional devices like voice assistants for greater convenience.

Apps can be programmed to gradually turn on lights as homeowners wake up, then dim to sleep mode before bedtime. They can even be set to activate lighting and music when guests arrive.

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