Top 5 Crane Manufacturers 2023

overhead crane lifting concrete block

There are various manufacturers of cranes around the world. While some crane manufacturers specialise in certain types of cranes, others produce equipment suitable for different industries. When selecting a manufacturer for your application, ensure they have experience manufacturing that specific crane model. These crane manufacturers are well-experienced and market leaders in their field. Their products include overhead travelling cranes, HB systems, jib cranes and lightweight mobile gantry cranes.

Elite Cranes

Elite Cranes manufactures and sells industrial cranes & lifting equipment in the UK. These crane manufacturers operate through three segments: Service, Industrial Equipment and Port Solutions. In its Service segment, Elite Cranes provides maintenance services for industrial cranes and hoists and training and digital services for maintenance personnel. Meanwhile, the Industrial Equipment segment offers various industrial & overhead cranes designed to serve general manufacturing processes and process industries; safety equipment, vacuum lifters, overhead cranes, lightweight cranes and jib cranes are also offered as products of their selection.

Advantages of the company include their UK-wide network, a wide array of customers and solid financial performance. Furthermore, the company enjoys significant market shares across several industry sectors and an excellent brand name.

Elite Cranes saw total sales increase recently, driven mainly by strong performance in England. Furthermore, Elite Cranes expanded its van fleet across the UK, where they hold leadership in lifting equipment sales.


Since 1953, Brehob has been a leading distributor of electric motors, air compressors, cranes and hoists from a wide selection of major manufacturers. Their team of experienced engineers and technicians collaborate with clients to design, fabricate and install custom cranes that meet their unique needs and offer preventive maintenance to reduce downtime and extend equipment lifespans.

Air compressors convert electrical energy to potential energy stored as compressed air. They’re often used to power tools and equipment and provide it to pneumatic control systems – they play an essential part in modern industry, everywhere from manufacturing to aviation.

Brehob Corporation is an excellent workplace, boasting an outstanding reputation among employees. Their dedication to providing a pleasant working environment and supporting employees’ development are well known – many employees rate the company highly on CareerBliss; some even give five-star ratings!

KDG Group

KDG Group’s teams possess proven expertise in managing the logistical planning of complex projects. Working in close cooperation with their clients initially, their teams save time and money during construction while offering on-call support or staff augmentation to meet specific customer requirements. Littlejohn gives solutions for various industries from its headquarters in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Backed by Littlejohn’s $14 billion regulatory asset pool and technical salesforce of highly engineered products and related services, it serves as a national distributor of industrial components and systems and offers automation engineering integration solutions.

Manitowoc Company

Manitowoc Crane Company is an industry leader in lattice boom and tower cranes, all-terrain cranes and boom trucks. Additionally, their food service equipment division specialises in commercial ice machines and walk-in and reach-in freezers. These products can be found in restaurants, convenience stores and supermarket chains worldwide.

The company’s advantages for customers include its cost structure, strong dealer network and competitive edge in its core cranes business. In addition, their technological innovations enhance load charts, transport efficiency and setup speed while their cranes boast exceptional return on investment potential.

Manitowoc purchased Grove Worldwide, a maker of mobile telescopic cranes, in 2002 to expand their cranes business and global presence. However, their purchase made Manitowoc more dependent on cyclical industries when the economy was struggling – potentially hurting the profits of both parties involved.

Liebherr Group

Liebherr Group is an international construction equipment manufacturer with over 130 companies worldwide. Their equipment covers every application imaginable, from land, sea and air transport to space travel – they even specialise in making cranes for space exploration!

Tower cranes are among the most frequently employed types of cranes. Their efficiency in moving heavy loads and incredible stability make them excellent choices, yet installation may require time and energy.

Floating Cranes are vessels equipped with cranes. These floating cranes can be found on rivers, ports, protected waters and coastal areas; they’re also capable of loading and unloading sunken ships from the water. Their use makes float cranes great choices for bridge building, port construction and shipyard projects; their large cargo holding capacity includes containers or cars and can easily lift awkward loads.

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