Benefits of Installing Sash Windows

Sash windows are a very popular type of window which offers many benefits. They have the ability to change the temperature inside your house, while also providing you with an attractive appearance. You can search for sash windows Glasgow today for quotes, colours, shapes, and sizes.

Double Glazing

There are several benefits of having double-glazing in your home. Not only can you increase the value of your property, but you can also enhance your home’s energy efficiency and security. In fact, you might be surprised at how much of an impact your windows can have on your home’s performance.

One of the most obvious benefits of having double-glazing is the ability to reduce noise. This can be a particularly important concern for those living in a period home. Noise can cause stress and lead to health problems such as hearing loss and cardiovascular disease. It can also cause concentration issues.


Sash windows are one of the most effective sources of ventilation. They help to keep your room cool, as they provide four complete changes of air every hour. In addition, sash windows are also quieter at night. This is particularly beneficial for families with children.

Unlike casement windows, sash windows open at the top and bottom, instead of just at the bottom. This provides better ventilation and helps cool air to circulate faster.

Sash windows are a great choice for anyone who wants a window that will not require frequent upkeep. They are also eco-friendly and can be a very cost-effective way to improve the cooling in a room.

Moderating Temperature

Sash windows are a great way to ventilate your home and keep you cool. They are very effective at keeping your room cool, especially when the weather gets warmer. Whether you’re working in your office or in your living room, opening your sash windows can be a good idea. But you must use proper techniques to make the most of your windows.

The first thing you should do is install weather stripping around the perimeter of your window. Weatherstripping should be applied to the inner and outer edges of your window, on the jamb and on the top and bottom of your sash. It should seal when closed, but it should also be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.


Sash windows are a traditional type of window that are framed within the wall aperture of a building. They feature a frame of wood, with a pair of vertically hung window sashes.

There are a variety of types of sash windows. The first are vertically sliding, which means that the top and bottom window slides up and down in a series of channels in the outer frame. This design is commonly known as Yorkshire sashes.

These are assisted by counterbalances. Depending on the size of the window, these can be affixed in the interior or exposed on the outside. For added security, the window can be fitted with an angel lock. Once it is closed, it will reset.

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